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Wedding Location Secrets

Every wedding is made up of some very specific elements. Some of these you control and others, once your choice has been made, you don’t and the wedding venue is one of the latter.
Because it’s impossible to know a venue well, once you choose where you want to hold your wedding or your wedding reception you will then have to work with the features and
limitations it has to offer.It is at this precise point that the expertise of your wedding planner pays off. Because you already are working around a central theme in your wedding
the location you will choose for your venue is important. That location however will be dictated by availability, pricing, budget and suitability.

Sometimes wedding day venues are booked so far in advance that they are unavailable for when you want it, or they can be pricey with costs fluctuating depending on demand.
They can also be unsuitable in terms of size (if you have too many or too few wedding guests) and layout (with some venues being suitable for particular types of wedding reception).

So when it comes to picking a wedding location there are a few guidelines you should use:

Be Inspired. Your wedding day is going to be the one day in your life you won’t be repeating again. Choosing a “hotel downtown” may be OK but all you’re likely to remember
is the name of the hotel rather than a spectacular wedding day. This is your one opportunity to actually make the setting part of your dream. From islands in the sun (Greece has more than we can count)
to castles, caves by the beach, swimming pools and ancient ruins. Think big, think romantic and think different.

Be Practical. Sounds like a contradiction to the previous point but it isn’t. While there is nothing wrong with letting your inspiration do the talking when it comes to picking a wedding location,
you do need to be practical when it comes to how you deal with it, once you’ve picked it. Everyone wants to have a fantastic wedding day with an incredible effect. But everything costs.
So pulling off the biggest bang for your buck requires a degree of ingenuity and the detailed knowledge about where you can compromise
without losing quality that only your wedding planner brings to the table.

Be Clever. Each location has a unique feature or two. Most inexperienced brides see these as an issue. Something that cannot be changed and now they have to live with.
Experienced wedding planners know how to transform the location features into an asset creating a prop out of the setting. The secret here is to let your wedding planner
know the effect you’re going for and then listen to their advice on how it can be achieved within your budget.

Be Wild. Every wedding planner has trade secrets that come with long years of expertise. They know just what catches the eye, what can create a big effect, what can turn a wedding venue into
an unforgettable experience. When planning your wedding it’s important to go for that “big moment” effect. Again, here, ask your wedding planner for advice. Work within your budget.
Be practical but look to create the kind of memories that will last you a lifetime.

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