Have you ever wondered what it’s really like? A wedding reception takes weeks and sometimes months to prepare and plan. It requires the mind of a general preparing for battle and the creativity of a designer whose canvas is the wedding reception place.Yet all the guests notice are the tables, the settings, the music, the bride and groom and other guests.

There is so much energy put into a wedding that it takes a form of art. The wedding reception is transformed into a complex ensemble where the guests, the DJ, the lighting and the setting all form a holistic whole. When the ingredients fall into place it’s an incredible amount of fun.

At Diamond Events we look to create just that quality. We transform settings into dream places, use lighting to create mood, provide music to keep the pace and our wedding reception decorations help create unforgettable memories.

Our cameras caught this one, almost an entire day’s execution, the culmination of weeks of careful planning, reduced to just sixty seconds. Enjoy!