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Few of the Greek islands match Santorini when it comes to holding your wedding service there and few wedding planners could match our award-winning wedding planning service. From jaw-dropping backdrops and beaches that look like special effects to an unadulterated Greek island lifestyle experience – Santorini has it all.

A Santorini wedding comes with all sorts of extra benefits that range from walking attractions and sunsets to donkey rides up the mountains and some of the best holiday island hotels in the world. With a hot desert climate Santorini offers some of the best weather conditions for a wedding in the world. Cloud cover is rare, rain falls mainly in January and the rest of the year is mostly dry. Add to this the fact that even in Winter temperatures are in the double digits on the Centigrade scale and you now begin to get an idea of why so many couples decide to tie the knot there.

If you’re looking to get married in Santorini drop us a line. Over the years Diamond Wedding Planner has held a large number of weddings on the island and we have developed contacts and knowledge that enable us to get the best deals for you. From knowing which hotel to go to for your wedding guests to finding novel way to make your wedding budget go further, we have the expertise and contacts that can make it happen.

A Greek island wedding is always an exceptional thing. Basically the entire island is one giant prop. It provides the perfect opportunity to create an incredibly memorable wedding that’ll be talked about, by your guests, forever.

If you’re interested in how this can happen and if you want suggestions on some of the best Greek islands to have a wedding on then drop us a line. We will help you choose.


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