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When you come to think about it a wedding is a fairly strange affair. Two people make a public declaration of their commitment to each other and
then throw a massive party for their friends and relatives to celebrate, at their expense.

There is a deeper element at work here that goes beyond the commitment-great-let’s-party idea. A Wedding is a life-affirming choice that creates a tone of hope for the future that is worth celebrating about.
When you think about it carefully you realize that the moment two people decide to commit to each other and publicly announce it, they basically offer a vote of confidence
to the hope that the world will not end tomorrow, that the future, no matter how difficult it may appear, will still be manageable and with enough happiness in it to make it worth their while.

Perhaps this was the entire intention behind the original idea of holding a public ceremony to place the official seal of approval in the union between two people.
After all, given the energy, effort and commitment that goes into organizing the perfect wedding, a mere official acknowledgement does not seem to be a good enough reason, on its own.

Given that a wedding is a clear statement of hope for a better future and a public commitment to work on the present, on that basis, it goes without saying that when you hold
a wedding you want your guests to not just be ‘wowed’, you want them to be captivated by the magic of the moment and leave it feeling that they have been part of something
as special and extraordinary as the two people whose wedding they attended, are.In that respect nothing, in a wedding location and setting, can ever be left to chance.

Create Wedding Magic with Light

At Diamond Events we create unique settings to match the wedding theme, at every location. Depending on what you want to achieve we can play with light, settings,
decorations and effects to totally transform the experience for you and your wedding guests.

In a wedding, just like when buying a house location is crucial to the value it starts off with. Choose the wrong one and though we can certainly make it impress,
we will struggle if it’s not right in terms of what you want to achieve. A pirate wedding theme, for instance, is easier to pull off near a beach with a sea than in a castle, high up in the mountains.

A classy wedding with a sense of history can really come to life more easily in a building with a real past and marvelous architecture than in a garden in the middle of a busy city.
We always start off with the location as the central character of a wedding and work creatively and progressively from there.

Light, sound and decorations are then employed not just to dress up what is an ordinary setting but as a means of discovering, highlighting and accentuating the features
of the setting which fit in with your wedding. Mood, music and decorations then become the cherry on what is an incredibly spectacular wedding.

Interested in having you wedding in Greece? Ready to create the kind of impression that Hollywood Stars strive for?
Want to have that wild, fun element that becomes the talking point of your guests for years afterwards?

Weddings are special because they truly become beacons of hope. There is of course nothing wrong with them also becoming beacons of fun. Let us help you plan yours.

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