Inspired Wedding Themes!

Inspired Wedding Themes!
09 May 2016

If you are in the quest of elegant and classy, specific wedding theme arrangements based upon the fresh ideas, then Diamond Events is a one-stop destination for you. Our expertise in offering you a theme would make the wedding more personal, more coordinated and definitely more beautiful. We have an excellent track record of offering our clients the wedding theme that suit their personalities and lifestyle. Being the veterans in this field, it is a lot easier for us to coordinate with the demands related to the invitation, styling, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music and all the other items required when it revolves around a specific theme.


Rustic / Country Wedding

If you wish to have your wedding theme sparkled with the unique flavors of rural rusticity, comprising glorious palette of earthy tones, then we are at your service in no time. An exquisite charm of the country life would be there, including jars, wood, handmade accessories, ribbons, burlap, candles, decoupage technique based decoration, etc. We keep your decorations simple and unpretentious, yet marvelous at different levels. Please note that rustic invitation and twigs could also be arranged to make the event next to real.


Beach Wedding

Planning a beach reception by the sea could help you to get memorable events to cherish about. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Greece that could tranquil the event with a peaceful atmosphere. We specialize to arrange luxury reception events during sunset with medium blue base color with the background of sea. By order, we can include white lace, hydrangeas and centerpiece, beautiful natural coral, sugar starfish, seashells, etc. to bestow your event with a more oceanic look.


Shabby Chic Wedding

We include minimalistic design elements, shabby chic details and mix and match in the interior design theme. We can provide a feminine feel to the reception by including romantic elements like elegant flower composition, candles, etc. If you wish to have a wedding with a classic touch of vintage style then we can simply prearrange tables, decorations, lace and flowers in that typical set-up.


Vintage Wedding

Our real vintage wedding package will help you bring back the sense of nostalgia. You know, Grandmother’s handmade lace, honey jars, books, etc.. We can offer you different color tones, along with the guest book table service. Our vintage décor package will also include a vintage suitcase at the reception entry to make an ‘all-set’ trip for the ‘just married’ couple.


Rock Wedding

A unique punk rock theme based wedding package, that will be organized by the sea coast. The Glam Rock band and the rock & roll music will gift you a day that you would always love to treasure in your memory. The attendance dress code will be a mix of casual and formal. The main colors are blacks with white for the entire party theme arrangements, including black accessories and black lace during the ceremony. There will be a black trim on the cake to mark the feast identical to the theme.


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