Great Locations for Your Wedding in Greece

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When it comes to picking a location for your wedding the world is, quite literally, your oyster.
Not all wedding locations are the same however. Greece provides a unique opportunity to choose a once-in-a-lifetime setting for many reasons.

First there is the weather. With 300 sun-drenched days a year and temperatures which are in the high 80s even in winter there are few places in the world which can virtually
guarantee that when it comes to your wedding day no one is going to rain on your parade. This allows you to have greater flexibility and a bigger window
of opportunity when it comes to when you decide you get married.

Because of the nice weather, for instance, you do not have to schedule your wedding along with the crowd. You can take your time, pick your place and actually benefit from more available days and dates.
Plus there is the added advantage that by choosing to hold your wedding at a time of the year when weddings in the USA or Northern Europe are not scheduled, you can benefit from off-peak prices.

Second is the variety. Greece has numerous locations which range from historic sites, to picturesque villages, seaside towns, mountain locations, ancient sites and countless islands.
You will be really hard-pressed to find as many locations to choose from to create a memorable wedding day.

Third is hospitality. When you hold your wedding day outside your own country the last thing you want is to have to worry about getting on with the locals.
Greece is renowned for its hospitality. English is spoken practically everywhere. At the end of the day what helps turn a special wedding day into a truly exceptional
occasion is the fact that all the details come together.

At DiamondEvents we are aware of this. We have organized wedding receptions in wine cellars that are hundreds of years old,
transforming a place that thrums with history into a setting which you could not find anywhere else.

How to Choose Wedding Locations

Although a wedding and a wedding reception can be organized practically anywhere in Greece there are some things you need to keep in mind
when deciding where to hold one. Here’s a list of handy guidelines to keep in mind:

Airport proximity – If your guests are coming from abroad you need to make sure that the traveling time from the airport to the place where they will be staying will be within acceptable limits.
The last thing you want is to have tired guest have to put up with hours and hours of travel in a country whose transport system, and roads, they are not familiar with.

Locale – While a particular location may be perfect for a wedding reception guests travelling to a foreign country may well choose to stay a little longer and, prior to the wedding and
the reception they may want to do a little exploring. This helps add to the magic of the event and creates a deep impression upon your guests. This is why the location has to be chosen with some care.
There is a real need for a place that has character, offers enough attractions to keep your guests occupied and fulfills all the requirements of a truly dream wedding in Greece.

Amenities – Not all places are equal. When it comes to choosing a great location for your wedding in Greece you will have a balancing act between what is possible, what is feasible and
what will work well for everybody. Usually, this is where our expertise can really help. Because we do extensive scouting at each proposed wedding location
we can help you decide on exactly the ones that are right for you.

For a complete list of upcoming locations for your wedding in Greece check out our location guide.

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