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Get Married in Santorini

If you want to get married in Santorini, you will love the collapsed caldera, surrounded by a deep azure sea and black sand beaches, that sparkle in the sun takes your fancy.

Yes, if you dream all these, the Greek island of Santorini
is the only destination that should be on your radar.

With its own airport and boasting some of the best sunsets in the world Santorini has been
a wedding destination for star couples and ordinary people across the globe.


Here are some of the reasons couple choose to get married in Santorini, as the ideal place to hold their wedding:

– Easy to get to – has its own airport with many direct chartered and scheduled flights.

– It offers a breathtaking combination of whitewashed houses and a deep blue sea.

– It has iconic black-sand beaches. Santorini is now a collapsed volcano (a caldera) and its beaches are the
remnants of that thousands-year-old explosion which created a tsunami
that destroyed the Minoan civilization on the Greek island of Crete.

– It has world-class hotels and amenities. Just because you are having your wedding on a collapsed
volcano island does not mean you need to sacrifice creature comforts or quality.


Wedding Vows Affirmed

Santorini is so picturesque that beyond weddings it is also the favorite destination of couples
from all over the world keen to reaffirm their wedding vows.

If you were too busy making it to give your beloved the kind of fairy-tale wedding she deserves,
a reaffirmation of wedding vows provides the perfect opportunity to make up for it.


Whether you want to have a handful of guests and a world-class hotel with a beautiful backdrop of the ancient Aegean sea

or want to be a little more budget conscious with a larger number
of guests

or even if you are ready to create the kind of wedding event that’s talked about for years afterwards,
the certain thing is that you cannot choose a better Greek island to do it on and there is no more experienced,

better situated or more innovative wedding planning service than us.
Blowing our own horn is not something that we do at Diamond Events.


We are aware however of just how our guests perceive us and what it is that sets us apart from the rest:

– We work with your budget, whatever it is, to deliver quality above expectation.

– Our team acts as an advisory service that lays out, in detail, all the options left to you.

– Our location scouts can find places that even movie stars cannot easily access with their much bigger budget weddings.

– Because we also work with companies and individuals that organize events other than weddings, we have a much wider industry footprint that allows us to work smarter to give you more bang for your buck.
We have special working relationships with many hotel chains and Greek island resorts.

– We provide a one-stop, scalable, comprehensive wedding planning service that puts you in total
control of the way you want to organize your wedding.

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