Chic & Luxurious Wedding at Villa Gallou

Villa Gallou is a special venue in a small district near Patras in the Peloponnese. It is characterized by a neo – Gothic style, while the atmosphere inside is extremely enchanting. It’s a place that is well known for it’s historic importance and the aristocratic aesthetic of the famous architect Ernest Ziller, combining elegance with luxury.

This is the reason why Eleni & Dimitris decided to celebrate the union of their lives with the sacred bonds of marriage at this unique place overlooking the endless blue. The wedding ceremony took place in an idyllic setting among the firms in the chapel of Prophet Elisaios in Alisos in the presence of a few selected guests.

The highlight and most stunning part of the wedding was the reception in a fairytale and highly glamorous scenery. The basic elements for the decoration of the wedding ceremony were the white flowers with greenery, while they were perfectly combined with silver details, giving a luxurious tone to the decoration. The entrance of the estate was framed in a special way, impressive compositions with flowers, creating the ultimate corridor for the newlyweds. Many of the elements of this particular marriage were based on the latest trend in the events industry, the personalization with the couple’s initials.

Gen X weddings are generally more sentimental because it is so enchanting to see people taking a chance in love and happiness. Seeing two mature adults taking the important decision of getting married after all these years of being single and having their a different way of life, is simply, something else.

Planning: Diamond Events
Design: Anna Maria Rogdaki
Flowers: Gregory Vlastos
Venue: Vila Gallou
Photography: Antonis Tsiliras
Catering: Plegas Catering
Wedding Cake: Entelvais patisserie
Fireworks: Ballon Fire
Set-Up Photographer: Stathis Chalkidis
Bridal Dress: Kallia Kossieri