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Dream Wedding in Greece


Today, people are getting more and more concerned about their wedding destinations and the most liked destination among all is the beautiful city of Greece. This is turning out to be the prime location for the dream wedding for a number of couples. The islands of Greece are becoming one of the most popular wedding […]

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Wedding Destination: Mykonos!


In the life of every single individual, one of the most significant and precious event is wedding. This is the day when two of them become one and their families become a one large family.But the major issue comes up with the wedding destination. Yes, many of the people are choosing Greece and its surrounding […]

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One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning


Locations on the planet can actively combine great beach locations, fantastic mountain view with iconic city-scapes, the way Greece does. This is one of the main reasons so many couples from all over the world choose Greece to hold an exceptional wedding in, or as the place to reaffirm their vows. Greece is one of […]

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Dreamy Wedding Locations Celebs Love


Which are the Dreamy Wedding Locations of Celebrities?When you think of a great wedding location Hollywood celebs immediately spring to mind. Not only do they have a knack for discovering dreamy landscapes, endless sandy beaches and iconic locations in the mountains or tiny churches by the sea, but they also have the money to take […]

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Greek Island Wedding Choices


When it comes to getting married the location is every bit as important as when it comes to choosing the house you buy. In many ways that location becomes the anchor for your wedding day memories. It becomes the talking point for your guests and it provides the place where your memories of the day […]

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