Boho wedding in a Lake

This unique wedding took place in Lake Trichonida, in the most beautiful and romantic scenery of Western Greece. Maria and Martin chose this location because Maria wanted to get married in the same Church that her Grandmother got married 50 years ago, Profitis Elias at Lake Trichonida in Thermo.

Bride’s preparations with her bridesmaids begun
with joy and sparkling smiles. The top-finishing of the dress was light-embroidered without additional fabrics following her loose-hair bun style. Groom in a boho style suit awaited in a state of tense anticipation his lifetime partner.

The wedding bouquet, made of lush green leaves, pale orange and purple garden roses with a white flower heart, embellished accordingly the bride.
This extraordinary destination wedding on Trichonida Lake shore seized our attention.

This wedding could be themed as bohemian and plain chic. Diamond Events Team created a customized canvas with Greek elements for the bride and another one with details from France for the groom that decorated the entrance towards the reception venue, welcoming the guests.
The newlyweds arrived by boat and all the guests were waiting to congratulate them and celebrate their happiness.

The bohemian style set up was inspired by the natural environment and the culture of the region.
A low-tempered wedding dinner near the lake setting following the sweet light of that day, joined family and beloved friends in a day to remember.
The party that followed was a blast!

Οργάνωση: Diamond Events
Σχεδιασμός: Άννα-Μαρία Ρογδάκη
Λουλούδια: Αλέξης Μακρής
Φαγητό: Πυθάρι
Ήχος – Φωτισμός: Φώτης Πανταζής
Τούρτα γάμου: Caravel
Γράμματα Αρχικά: The Letter Co
Φωτογραφος γάμου: Dmytro Sobokar
Φωτογράφος χώρου: Στάθης Χαλκίδης
Βίντεο: Γιώργος Δασκαλόπουλος
Πυροτεχνήματα: Fire Fantasy
Μπάντα: Γιάννης Καψάλης-Γιώτα Γρίβα
Dj: Άρης Νικολέττος
Τραγούδι: Δημήτρης Φούντας
Χώρος εκδήλωσης: Γιάννης Τσάρκος Village
Νυφικό: Βρετός Βρεττάκος