Beauty Reigns Supreme in Greek Pageant

The latest Greek Beauty pageant held to discover the new beauty queen for Western Greece was recently held in the city of Patras.
Diamond Events was called upon to provide music and lighting helping to transform the event.

Presenting were the Greek journalist Giannis Pomonis and the Greek model Maria-Louise Vourou. Contestants came from all over western Greece and the TV coverage of the event
was organized by Diamond Events who was also responsible for the microphones and sound wiring.

The event was televised all over Greece. In a country which is redefining itself in the new age beauty contests provide an opportunity for contestants looking for career breaks in modeling or television.

Diamond Events has a strong presence in televised events where our experience with sound, light and back stage organization has made us market leaders.
This is the same high-quality expertise which we frequently bring to bear on weddings and corporate events, using music and lights to not just transform the area but also tell a visual story.

Memories are always created by the narrative that is there for the guests to decode. In every occasion we are masters at creating a narrative style that fits in with the theme,
the event and the people attending it and which succeeds in creating memorability as well as memories.

Beauty is never in short supply

Contestants have to impress the judges not just by the way they look but also with their stage presence, attitude and poise.
As the judges put it on the night: “Beauty is never in short supply. What really impresses is the ability to actually make beauty the polish on an already rare gem.”

In the 21st century beauty contests have evolved from events which judged a person from just how she filled a bikini to ones where a holistic approach to accomplishments is taken into account.

In an age where the very notion of beauty pageants is under debate there is real pressure to create events which are relevant, modern and do more than produce eye candy.
The challenge for Diamond Events is not to simply provide lighting, but to make the lighting we set up an integral part of the setting in a way that adds to the atmosphere of the event.

The music chosen and the sound quality then become an additional icing on an already beautiful (pun intended) cake.

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