A Lebanese Boho wedding in Mykonos


Being inspired by nature, the Aegean Sea, the colours, the magnificent evidence of life all around the land of Mykonos, are some aspects that always inspire a bohemian wedding.
Something alternative, out of the ordinarities of ceremonies and general mainstream ideas that say what a wedding should be like.
This, is truly a customisable style and suited for couples that want to give a piece of themselves in the atmosphere of the whole wedding as well as being a bit of rebels who want to stand out!
Hannah & Jad, a truly unique couple of Lebanese and British roots accordingly chose this style and nothing could be said more than, that the outcome is better than what they could ever imagine!
From the rainbow bouquets and details that gave an extra spark of playfulness, to the venue that was chosen, with their simplistic and white features,
perfectly complimented and enhanced the colourful bohemian ideas that were chosen.
Overall, only two words could best describe a wedding like this. Unforgettable & stunning!

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