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Lights, Music, Fun! At your Greek style Wedding

A Greek style wedding has some characteristics which are unique to its location and setting.
With hundreds of islands, thousands of beaches, tens of thousands of picturesque
settings and a climate that guarantees 275 sun-drenched days a year the choice of where to hold
your wedding in Greece has never been more pertinent.


But let’s start with some basics: Light & Sound.
Light sets the mood, transforms surroundings, creates a sense of depth, can affect the overall atmosphere of the event,
generates energy (not unlike in the fantastic lightshow at the London Olympics) and can make or break your wedding event.


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a Greek style wedding is noted for its sense of light.
Greece is a place where light is important. By day, natural colours, strong sunlight and
a sense of open-air spaces, creates a unique feeling which is next to impossible to recreate anywhere else.
By night, specially placed light sets create a magical effect
which is guaranteed to make your wedding day one to remember.


Before you even think about the lighting at your wedding you need to become familiar with some of the lighting lingo:
Pin spot – A focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake, as a highlight effect.
Color wash – There are a few different types of light fixtures that can create a “wash,” which is basically
a blanket of colored light covering an entire area.
Gobos – Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern.
Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or any other wedding motifs.
The complexity of the design will affect the gobo’s cost, a simple stencil can be stamped out of steel,
while a more intricate design must be laser etched out of stainless steel
or a glass that can withstand high heat
(costing much more than a stamped stencil).


Led – Short for light-emitting diodes, LED lights are currently popular for weddings because they use much less
electricity (and don’t get as hot) than regular, incandescent light bulbs.
This means they can sometimes be wireless, so they’re even that much more discreet.
LEDs are great for colour changes and vibrant colours.
They’re also common in strands and good for accent lighting.
At Diamond Events we combine expert lighting styles with colour to bring out the very best of the setting and
complement the overall theme of your Greek Style wedding.


Music and Your Wedding

If you’ve seen the popular Greek Style wedding blockbuster, Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep,
you will be aware of just how important music is at your wedding reception.
Not only will the tunes and playlist you choose create their own unique atmosphere but, in addition,
they will generate a memory signature for you and your guests.
From that moment on you will not be able to help remembering the great memories of your
Greek wedding every time you hear specific tunes.


To create the perfect wedding for you we go through a step-by-step process which develops a carefully selected
musical signature which starts from the moment the bride reaches the
church to the moment the last dance has been danced at the reception.
In Greece, traditionally, wedding receptions last until morning.
The music fades out only as the first light of dawn fades in.

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